Export CASHEW KERNELS meeting AFI specifications

since 2002

Hoang Son 1 JSC is always available to supply cashew kernels for big orders
and meet all rigorous quality requirements of customers


Viet Nam cashew nuts season starts from March to May every year. It is very important to select, sample and purchase raw cashew nuts in order to ensure clean and high quality materials for processing.

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Cashew kernels processed at Hoang Son 1 factory have met the standards of AFI since 2002 and processing line applied HACCP since 2013.

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We are proud to export cashew nuts to more than 20 countries around the world , including the US , EU , Japan , Australia , Russia , China , …

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CASHEW KERNELS samples for export

Cashew kernels are classified as: First Quality Fancy, Second Quality Scorched, Lightly Blemished Wholes, Blemished Wholes,
Third Quality Special Scorched, Fourth Quality, and Dessert.


Hoang Son 1 has carried out quality control system based on their own HACCP (Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Point)


Price list for export

We update the price list of cashew kernels for export daily. Please click here for details and make order.


Thanks to our strong export capacity, we always offer the correct and on time shipment for orders of purchaser.




Our clients from all over the world

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We choose Hoang Son 1 as a long- term main supplier of ingredients for food manufacturing because they are a reliable exporter of cashew kernels in Viet Nam.

August Töpfer & Co.


We give the first priority of signing contract of purchasing cashew kernels with Hoang Son 1 as we are always able to get good quality and on time shipment.



About Cashew nuts and kernels

Information on cashew sector and sales policy here.

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The cashew tree

The cashew tree is native to coastal areas of Brazil. In the 16th …

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How to Enjoy Cashew

A Few Quick Serving Ideas

Combining cashews with other nuts and dried fruits makes …

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AFI Specification for Cashew Kernels

AFI Nut & Agricultural Products Section

General Requirements

Each shipment to the U.S. shall be …

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